25 March 2011

The Mexican Walking Fish!

These are the cutest and most amazing things that I have discovered in a very long time. They are called Axoloti Salamander (Ambystoma Mexicanum) - also know as 'Mexican Walking Fish' or 'Mexican Water Monsters'. Apparently endangered by a number of factors, like pollution, scientists are looking to build a sanctuary for them.

I have never seen anything like it - they have hands that are almost foetal looking. It is like someone has taken a cartoon character and made it real! Absolutely adorable and utterly unbelievable - so much so, that I actually had to read the whole article that I discovered them in, just to make sure it wasn't a joke! It doesn't seem to be, but it is still hard to believe that what I am looking at is real.

It is very sad that they have the potential to go into extinction - what an amazing creature for our planet to lose. If you fancy a further read about them and a look at some more pictures (worth it!), then here is the link to the article that I found them in: www.treehugger.com


  1. Good grief! Is this real? How come we don't know about these creatures, they are curious and magical... (just checked date - no, it's not yet 1st April...)

    Can't wait to see the pics from Tilley Printing - I plan to take my camera along too. Martin is going to be famous!

    Will email later

  2. I thought the same Charlotte, aren't they amazing!

    Post just put up about Tilley Printing - I hope that you enjoy reading it and seeing the pictures too. You should definitely go back with your camera - it is hard not to isn't it!

    Martin deserves to be famous! What a man!


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