31 March 2011

A Recent Project...

Check out one of our latest projects, pictured here.

The brief was to create some promotional cards for a builder, who wanted to promote his home & garden services. The target audience was primarily the elderly and less able, who find it hard to maintain their house and garden, but not excluding middle aged professionals who have busy lives and a general lack of time to do odd jobs.

We came up with this highly typographic design, inspired by 1940's - 1950's poster design, which is instantly recognisable to the older generation and is seen today as 'vintage'.

The quirky and playful manner of the typography has a warmth to it, which is essential to get across the personality and reliability of the builder in question.

We so much enjoyed creating this piece of work, as it was so different and really an adventure to do. I almost want to blow it up and hang it on the studio wall, like a poster!

To view more pictures of this project, follow this link to go to the gallery on our website and select the project to view: www.leaffdesign.co.uk


  1. This is lovely. Yes it says personality and reliability and I would trust someone who cares enough to have something like this created. Beats a phone number scrawled on a slip of paper eh!

  2. Thank you Charlotte, your feedback is much appreciated - it is good to hear your thoughts! x


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