08 March 2011

Pancakes and Innocent

Happy pancake day!

I got up extra early today to make them for breakfast. We also opened a bottle of very special orange juice this morning...

After receiving a very nice little card and voucher from the folks at Innocent, we used it to buy some great big family bottles of orange juice to enjoy with our pancakes. It was like drinking happy!

Their very spring-like card is proudly sat on my desk, and I smile every time I look at it!

A HUGE thanks to Innocent for making our week!

1 comment:

  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for your lovely postcard which arrived a few days ago. (Am just getting around to opening mail).

    I love your design and the feel of the card / envelope you sent.

    I haven't used a designer before - kind of cobble things together myself.

    It is possible that I may look to create a small catalogue-type-thing in the future, and if so I will definitely contact you!

    Charlotte (Cottontails)


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