14 June 2011

Hen Party Ideas (with a difference)

While sifting through the papers this morning, I came across a string of events organised by local charity, St. Richard's Hospice. They certainly have a lot going on, and it gave me a few ideas for hen party celebrations.

If you are anything like me, then you will be avoiding anything typical for your hen celebrations, at all costs. The thought of a drunken night out in indecent costume, topped with a whole bucket load of bad behaviour, has me running for the hills! It couldn't be less 'me' and I have personally been looking for a more relaxed, and erm... dignified, celebration.

Like many other people, I am sure, I have found planning my wedding to be quite emotional, as it naturally stirs up memories of growing up, and loved ones who are no longer here to share our big day. This combined with the fact that I enjoy giving to charity, has made me think just how great an idea it could be to combine this with hen celebrations.

The array of events that St Richard's hospice has lined up, make for ample opportunity to get together with your friends, and celebrate whilst raising money for a worthy cause. Here are the events that jumped straight out to me:

This is an event that you can have in the comfort of your own home. Make the most of the summer, and put on afternoon tea in the garden with an intimate gathering. You can get creative, making a picturesque country garden look, and perhaps dress up in vintage costume.

If you fancy something a little less hands-on, why not glam up and indulge in midsummer drinks at Bredon Manor. Canapes, music and drinks will be available for you to enjoy beneath the sunset, within the picturesque surroundings.

Midnight Walk
The hospice are also running 5 and a 10 mile midnight walks around Worcester, in fancy dress. A very different idea, and what is more, at the same time as enjoying yourself, you are toning up for your big day.

You can find out about St. Richard's Hospice, all of these activities, and much, much more, on their website, here.

If you don't see anything you fancy; were after a bit more flexibility on what you do, or you just don't live in Worcestershire, then why not find a charity that means something to you personally, and raise money for it with whatever kind of celebration you intend to do.

If you have any further ideas like this, please feel free to put them in comments to this post, for other brides to read.


  1. Great ideas Katie. Like you I couldn't imagine much worse than taking to a bar crawl dressed in L-Plates. I think an afternoon tea party sounds lovely. If you wish to borrow any hens for the party, Moulin Roty's Felicie would be happy to come along I am sure, lol! Actually that's just given me another idea - how about a tea party at a farm with REAL HENS...!

  2. Thank you Charlotte! What a lovely offer; of course Felicie would be most welcome! A great idea about celebrating with real hens too! Very amusing! x

  3. I actually loved the post.
    I know one more site for Hen Party Ideas check it out.

  4. Thank you Arko, I am glad that you enjoyed it. Thank you for the link to the website for further ideas - the chance of being a 'pop star' for a day would sit well with a few people I know! Great idea!


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