06 June 2011

The Power of Painting

I have recently stumbled upon some pretty amazing painters, who I really cannot help but shout about. Their techniques are masterful. Here are some of their work that I really love.

Conrad Roset is a freelance illustrator living in Barcelona. Visit his website here.
Caitlin McGauley is a watercolour artist living in New York. Visit her website here.
Alison Fennel is an illustrator living in South Wales. Visit her shop here.

I love the vibrant colours in Conrad's paintings, and the majestic feel that it gives to the animals; the softness of Caitlin's paintings, which have such charm about them; and the character of Alison's paintings, where she seems to capture the personality perfectly, of each individual animal.

What a wonderful display of talent this is - three very individual artists that are very unique and really amazing in each of their own ways. Thank you to all three of you for the joy and inspiration that your work has brought to us, and that I am sure is bringing to many others too.

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