09 June 2011

'Water Ink' - World Water Day

Solidarities International is a charitable organisation, which carries out humanitarian programmes in emergency situations, all over the world. Particularly committed to fighting water-borne diseases (the most frequent cause of death worldwide), they recently carried out a 'World Water Day Campaign', on March 22nd 2011.

Together with BDDP Unlimited, they created an absolutely amazing TV ad (or 'spot'), with the help of Hush (who produced it) and Clement Beauvais (who both illustrated and directed it).

This is just one of those pieces of design that brings folk like us to our knees, in absolute admiration. Everyone should see this advert - both for the awareness that it was made to achieve on such a serious topic, and for the power that this great design delivers.

P.S. I must add, that I did feel a teensy bit defensive of water when watching. After all, it is not the water itself that does such harm, but the filth and pollutants within it. But no less, a great ad!

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