01 June 2011

The New Season | Summer is upon us...

As some of you will notice, Leaff has just changed to 'summer', which means a change of
colour and a change of mood. Today officially marks the new season, and after watching the
weather for this week, I must say it couldn't be more in keeping, with temperatures set to soar
into the mid 20's. What bliss that will be.

I have missed the full sun - the way it feels on my skin, the way it scents the air, even the
sounds that it brings to the day. The above picture is one that I dug out, of a very happy and
warm summer day that we had a couple of years back. It brings back a lot of memories of a
lazy day in the countryside, among nature, and the wildlife that joined us. I am looking forward
to many more of these.


  1. I love that you change with the seasons!! What a lovely idea :)


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