01 April 2011

The Power of a Brand

For those of you who own a company or those of you that are interested in design and communication, this is a definite good read.

One of the biggest global branding agencies, Interbrand, gives us the '10 Principles of Brand Strength'. A fantastic read, delving into why a brand is so important and how it forms the backbone of a company. It shows us how a brand can make a company, when adhered to in every sense, and what happens when a brand loses direction.

When you think of a brand, you may think of purely the aesthetics. A fresh, memorable logo... a strong colour palette... but in actual fact, it runs much deeper than this. A brand is not just what your company looks like, it is who your company is. It is the decisions that you make as a company, the people who represent the company and how the company communicates with it's customers. So everything you do as a company, is part of the brand.

Using well known brands to illustrate how a good brand will work for you, and how you can lose it all, it touches upon these 10 principles:

1. Commitment
2. Protection
3. Clarity
4. Responsiveness
5. Authenticity
6. Relevance
7. Understanding
8. Consistency
9. Presence
10. Differentiation

Grab a cup of tea, and follow this link for what I believe could be one of the most important reads for your company: www.interbrand.com

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