18 April 2011

Friday's Wondrous Adventure

Well, I said it was going to be a special weekend, and special it certainly was.

On Friday afternoon, we ventured up to Manchester - tickets firmly clutched - to see Agnes Obel, live, at The Deaf Institute. The creative inspiration began to flow from the minute we arrived.

On a somewhat shabby building, 'The Deaf Institute' sits creatively graffitied onto the bricks, bringing the building to life. Inside, the softly lit rooms glowed with character and warmth, oozing charm and intimacy.

The haunting and magical sounds filled the room, as Agnes softly sang, accompanied by her fingers, effortlessly gliding over her keyboard. In the background, cellist, Anna Muller, gently plucked, bowed and harmonised, creating unimaginable depth. The combination was perfect and pure, setting butterflies to life in my stomach, as a great sense of awe swept over me.

Time seemed to fly by in an instant, we were enjoying it so much, and before we knew it, it was over. So inspired and enthused, we hurried over to the merchandise stand to grab the EP on vinyl as a memento, and as if things could get any better, out popped Agnes and Anna from backstage. We had an unforgettable conversation with them both, and what genuinely lovely people they were. Agnes - so humble, feminine and gentle, and Anna - while also quiet, bubbly too, witty and charming.

As we travelled back to Worcester in the early hours of Saturday morning, we each relived the evening over and over in our minds, as we quietly mused, awe struck, at what we had experienced. As I sat in the passenger seat, staring down at our signed EP and tickets, I felt entirely energised by the raw talent that we had been lucky enough to experience that evening.

Now, with a beautiful start to the week, I am sitting in the studio with the sun pouring through the doors, feeling humbled at the memory and extremely inspired by the whole experience.


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