11 April 2011

A Weekend in the Garden

What a beautiful weekend it was, with blue skies, bright sunshine and warm air. It made me realise quite how long our winter felt.

I spent the whole of Saturday afternoon turning our garden from 'winter' to 'spring'. Clearing away all of the dead leaves that had piled up, refreshing the soil, re-potting plants, and enjoying nature.

The birds sang away all afternoon, while I knelt, bare legged, in the soft carpet of grass. Big bumble bees greeted me, and jasper popped over for some company. He flopped down onto the grass in an exhausted, sleepy heap, basking in the sun, and watching me through squinting, heavy eyes. He never seems quite as relaxed or happy as he is when he is in the sun.

Our bird house towers over our little bench in our garden, which I have come to discover is an unfortunate thing, for it has become creatively decorated with bird mess! We decided we should move it anyway, and give it a clean, and it now sits away from the table.

The birds however did not thank us for it whatsoever. They fluttered over to the house, and landed on the roof, looking down at the empty space where the bench used to be. Creatures of habit they are, and it wasn't until yesterday (sunday), when I was collapsed in a chair, topping up on my vitamin D whilst getting completely lost in a good book, that they finally decided it was safe. I always feel so complete when I am among nature, and sitting there, watching the tiny birds feast, felt like heaven.

Aside from time spent enjoying the garden, we also put a lot of hours in on our wedding stationery, which was very exciting indeed. The invitations are coming along nicely, and I will try to get a sneak peek up on here at some point this week.

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