26 April 2011

Home-made Wood Store

This weekend, my fiance (with a little help from me) made a beautiful wood store for our logs, that we stock up on for use in our wood burning stove throughout the winter months....

My partner is a dab hand at wood work, especially after the various projects that he took on during the renovation of our house - not to mention his superb creation of a little heart shaped wooden box that he made to house my engagement ring when he proposed. He just loves wood work. So, as you can imagine, he was in his element when designing our wood store.

We headed down to our local reclamation yard and picked up a dozen old blue roof slates to use - we love re-using old things (who knows what their story is) - and with a whole lot of wood at hand, we were away. He sawed, screwed and hammered his way through Saturday and Sunday in our garden, and before my eyes emerged the most perfect little wood store I had ever seen. Complete with a cute little plaque, it sits just outside our back door for easy access, and my gosh does it bring the outside inside (or vice versa, I'm really not sure).

We hope that this will inspire your own home projects, and will encourage the development of new skills. This wood store could be a beautiful luxury hutch for the bunny in your life (with a little alteration), or of course anything else that you need shelter for.


  1. Nice job Kate, the little feet are a nice touch! Practical too as it will stop the end grain of the main posts drawing up water. Easy to replace the feet if they go rotten!

    Was 'googling' "DIY wood store" (images) and there you were at number 3!
    Wishing you a mild winter!

    (sorry for random comment by random stranger, it's Friday afternoon and I am sooooo easily distracted this close to the end of the working week lol.....)

    1. Thank you heaps for your lovely comment Ian - I love getting comments from strangers, so this has pretty much made my day! I'm so glad you liked the post and our wood store - it looks like my keywords are doing well in Google! Have a cosy winter!


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