14 April 2011

Our Invitations - Sneaky Peek!

A long time coming, I know, but as promised, here is a sneaky peek of part our wedding invitations.

It began with an illustration, part of which you can see here. Our beautiful cotswolds venue is the centre point of our design, just as it will be our wedding.

Where will it go next? That is for us to know, and you to find out I am afraid! Updates will continue to be released as we go, giving you snap shots of our exciting and very romantic journey.

Obsessed by every detail of how our day will look (occupational hazard) I am and have been compiling images to create one huge mood board of ideas for our day. I will share all of the pretties that I come across, as I go, to perhaps inspire you - whether that is for your own wedding or not.

Leaff takes a lot of inspiration from a lot of different things, and they never need to really relate to the project in hand. In fact, it is most interesting when they have no relationship at all, but encourage a really fantastic idea.


  1. It looks lovely already Katie! I can't wait to see how it unfolds.

    And I love what you say about taking inspiration from everywhere. I think I must get a bit of a mood board underway at Cottontails...


  2. Thank you Charlotte! That is a great idea to get a mood board on the go for Cottontails. We have boxes, shelves and scrapbooks full of creative juice here, and it is always so great to rummage through!


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