08 April 2011

Why are they so Happy?

Why, because it is Friday of course!

The sun is shining, Worcester is exploding with chocolate fun, and we have a fantastic spring weekend ahead of us!

As you must all know by now, Leaff is a great nature fan, and we are always intrigued to discover new, weird and wonderful creatures that exist on our planet.

This is a Theridion Grallator, also known as the 'happy face spider' - to our utter delight! They are native to a Hawaiian group of islands, and they do not all actually carry these unusually happy markings (only the very happiest do, clearly!).

We think that they are amazing, and like the Mexican Walking Fish in one of our previous posts, they really do look un-real.

For a little more info, visit this link: www.photography.nationalgeographic.com

We hope that this has made you all giggle this morning, like it did us!

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