07 April 2011

New Rob Ryan Book

Rob Ryan has a new book coming out and has just disclosed the first page, as a sneak peek. It is beautiful - just as I expected it would be and more. I am really looking forward to seeing the rest of it.

Follow this link to his blog for a better look, and for details of the book:

Rob's first book, 'This is for you', sits proudly in our studio and is a brilliant source of inspiration. It is a tale about love, told through the most intricate and delicate paper cut-out art. I absolutely love this book - the way the imagery is as delicate as the story, and how he captures such a connection between his words and his art.

You can bag yourself a copy of 'This is for you' for masses of inspiration.... or for the one you love, here: 


  1. I love this book its on my bookshelf too, amazing find in a charity shop! don't know how he does it so much patience. Can't wait to see a sneak peek of your wedding stationery :)xx

  2. Wow, a charity shop?! That is the most inappropriate place for this book, but a gem of a find indeed! Ah, thanks! I am looking forward to putting it up! xx


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