28 February 2011

Happy Spring!

After an extremely busy few weeks of preparation, we have finally just launched our spring promotion, in celebration of the new season.

Our promotion offers up to 30% off all design work throughout spring. This is for everyone to enjoy - both companies and individuals. Check out our website for further details.


The promotional cards left us today, and go out to people and companies both locally and all over the UK. These contacts have been built up over a long period of time - whenever we come across a company who inspires us, then we make a note of who they are. They could inspire us simply with their personality, by the quality of their service, or the products that they sell.

Here are some nice shots of our promotional cards...

24 February 2011

Agnes Obel, Live!

As you will see under 'Leaff Loves', there is a musical genius by the name of Agnes Obel (the link takes you to her myspace page). We discovered Agnes not too long ago, after hearing one of her songs, 'Riverside', on 6 Music. We loved the song so much that we took a gamble and bought her album, 'Philharmonics' - and boy did it pay off!

Her music is soft, haunting, sweet, relaxing, sad, soothing and happy, all at once. It is so stripped back, so unassuming, and so different to anything that I have ever heard. Every time I need a little inspiration, a little relaxation, or a little cheering up, I listen to her album. In fact, even if I am not feeling or needing anything in particular, it still brings so many things to my day.

Imagine our excitement when we found out that she was touring in the UK. We have managed to bag ourselves some tickets and we are so excited to see her play live. Having seen footage of her live before, I know it will be special. I have attached a video below, to give you an idea of what I am talking about - courtesy of you-tube of course!

Agnes Obel, 'Over the hill', live

23 February 2011

Music Magic

We have added a new section to the blog called 'Leaff Loves' - to the left of the page. We have added a few links to this already, but will continue to add to it. The links consist of our favourite artists, companies, blogs and musicians - all of which inspire Leaff. We hope that they lead you on to discover new things.

It has always fascinated me how music can be like a memory bank. I can hear a song that I have perhaps not heard for a while, and I can be flooded with emotions that catch me off guard. Subconsciously, I have a heap of memories attached to that song, and it will take a few minutes for my memory to get warmed up, and then there it is. Like I am re-living the memory, I can feel the emotions, sense my surroundings, and remember events in great detail. I think that perhaps, to some extent, any music can do this, but it is generally only music that really means something to me that has the most powerful connections to my memories.

As a former 'lemming' that just seemed to drift through mainstream music, being told what to like, with no real awareness of the alternative music that was in the background, it is only during the last 6 years that I have discovered it - and what a relief! The last 6 years have therefore been a musical journey for me, and having discovered the vast array of musicians and all of the new and different sounds that they each bring, I am now incapable of enjoying the mainstream music that I once settled for. I would like to thank a small group of friends, my partner, and 6 Music for this transition!

Music is now a much bigger part of my life, having discovered what I personally like, and I will continue to post about the people and groups that I enjoy, and the new discoveries that I make.

15 February 2011

Beautiful Britain

Yesterday we acquired a couple of old books about Britain. We must have spent a good hour scanning through them, and marvelling over the amazing places that our great country has to offer.

It was an elderly family member that got me thinking about our country in the first place. They had told me many stories of where they had visited in the UK, and how they had never actually been outside of it. It is an interesting contrast to today, where the UK seems to be overlooked - we forget to take notice of what is around us, and appreciate it.

Looking through these books really strengthened my desire to continue to really experience Britain and discover what is on our doorstep....

Wastwater, Lake District


Three Cliffs Bay, Swansea

Hawes, Yorkshire Dales

14 February 2011

The Zebrafish

Some of you may have already heard about the new appeal by the British Heart Foundation - 'Mending Broken Hearts'. The appeal is centred around the incredible Zebrafish, a tiny transparent fish that has the amazing ability of mending its own heart. Scientists are studying the little miracle fish, in the hope of learning about its abilities, to form a treatment for human heart conditions. Read more about it here:


It never ceases to amaze us, the new things that we are still learning about our world and its inhabitants. It really casts a shadow over the phrase 'just a small fish in a big sea'.

05 February 2011

Leaff in the Snow

As this is our first post, we thought it would be nice to begin with our favourite picture from this winter. We love snow - it is the best that winter has to offer we think. As we are now nearing the end of winter, with dull weather that is neither here nor there, we reminisce about the fun we have had this season, and look forward to the visual explosion of spring.

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