17 November 2014

Studio Revamp Inspiration // Creative Living

As we have begun to turn our attention to revamping our studio space, we have been taking inspiration from some irresistible finds. Like the work we produce, we want our studio to be laced with detail - each item being something of beauty in it's own right - to create a space brimming with exciting colour pops and inspiring finishes.

You can find these ideas and more over on our Pinterest board.

Desk lamp Studio MOSS Design, desk chair (unknown source), gold scissors, pins & clips Nate Berkus for Target, stapler Present and Correct, sellotape (unknown source), rulers Hay.

10 November 2014

Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten - The Signage // In the Studio

We last posted about the brand and materials that we created for Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten a couple of weeks ago - if you missed it, catch up here. Since then, we have been working our socks off on the completion and on-site installation of their signage, which we not only designed, but made too.

When we say we are a family company, we aren't kidding, and woodwork is a speciality. Jay's dad is an expert woodworker - he was taught all he knows by his father, who was a professional carpenter - and those skills were passed down to Jay too. Between them, they are capable of fantastic things, and as you can see from this signage for Nurture, their skills really show.

After the hard graft of the woodwork was done, it was into the studio with the huge, sweet smelling signs, for a more delicate touch. We hand painted every detail using eco paints, which are as natural as the kindergarten itself.

03 November 2014

Bonfire Night 2014 // Creative Living

Remember, remember the 5th of November - and how could we forget with such inspiring ideas for food, drink and decor.

We are thinking about how we can celebrate our bonfire night in style, and with all the necessities covered - exciting food, comforting drinks, warmth, and of course fire. This is just a small selection of the stylish ideas that we have gathered over on our Pinterest board, so do head on over for more inspiration.

Warm butterscotch dipping apples BBC Good Food, chunky knit mittens (unknown source), pumpkin bonfire (unknown source), marshmallow milkshake Yum Goggle, hot apple cider Om Nom Nom, basket of blankets (unknown source).
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