22 August 2016

Church branding with an autumn personality

One of our current projects includes branding for a local church, which is undergoing some pretty major re-ordering. It is a unique project, and a very exciting one to be a part of. Here, we share what has gone into the process of developing the branding so far...

After creating an initial mood-board, to visualise the direction of the creative work, we delved into detailed research and colour psychology. The initial mood-board included a selection of colours, fonts, logo inspiration, key wording, pattern and texture ideas.

The key focus for the re-ordering is to create a community space where people feel supported by and connected to each other. The restoration and long-term plan is for the building to be a warm, innovative, sociable and forward-thinking space, evoking a calm, passionate and restorative vibe. With these key attributes in mind, this as a truly Autumn personality with a little touch of Spring.

As we defined in our last post on colour psychology, the Autumn personality is ambitious, unique and passionate. Colours are earthy, bright and warm, with powerful depth and strength. After exploring palette inspiration, we worked up a palette of shades that reflected these strong attributes, while being a little sympathetic to the sociable, and open traits of Spring.

With camera in hand, we set about some detailed photography of the church, to search out possible inspiration for surface pattern / brand icons. There was an abundance of pattern and texture to be found. The nature of the Autumn personality lends itself to the natural textures of the wood and stone, and hand illustration too - all of which we explored. Fonts are strong, chunky and confident, and modern serifs evoke that traditional feel, while hand-rendered fonts support that inclusive, open feel.

Logo ideas flowed from all research and inspiration that we had gathered. It is all about trying everything, and keeping on going, and going some more. Seemingly weak ideas can spark gems, and seeming gems are pushed too far, to inspire new ones, or to give clarification to the original spark. It is a free experience - it has to be limitless, shameless, and relentless in order to find the strong, confident, definite solution that we are seeking.

We will post more about this project in due course, but for now, we hope that this has been a fun insight into our processes for any of you who are unfamiliar, curious or inspired by how the design process works, behind the scenes.

08 August 2016

Colour psychology for your business

If you missed our last post 'Which seasonal personality is your brand?', then catch up with that first.

Having discovered the 4 seasonal personalities and their characters in our last post, here we are moving on to finding out how colour psychology fits into that. This will enable you to not only define the right personality for your business, but to ensure that your colour palette is consistent with that season, in order to communicate your character most effectively.

The confident, creative and inclusive traits that we discovered that Spring carries in the last post, are really reflected in the palette. Taking a beautiful bunch of Spring flowers as an example, here you can see that colours are light, bright, and clear. The palette reflects the Spring personality with it's happy, youthful, and fresh vibe.

Aspirational, responsible, and calm are all characteristics of the Summer personality. Like within this beautiful seascape at sunset, colours are soft and muted. An understated, quiet mix of sophistication, femininity, and substance.

The Autumn personality with all it's ambition, passion and love of nature is reflected in the natural scenes around us in this truly intense season. Colours are earthy, bright and warm, with powerful depth and strength - just like the natural world.

Distinctive, bold and uncompromising, Winter colours are as dramatic and decisive as it's attributes, while remaining clean and cool.

As you might have noticed in these example, colours in the spectrum overlap in the seasons, and in these cases, it is more about the shade than the colour itself. A clean coral for instance, would fall into a Spring personality, but a bright earthy orange would be Autumn. Putting colours into seasonal personalities helps us to understand the differences between the shades of each colour in the spectrum. To help you to understand this further, and refer back to, we have created the following guide (download here)...

In our next post we will look into separating your brand character from your own, but until then, enjoy discovering yourself in defining your brand character.

Photo sources - All photography utilised from our seasonal Pinterest boards, original sources unknown.
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