28 July 2014

It's Our 4th Birthday!

Saturday just gone marked our 4th Birthday here at Leaff, and we made cake!

It has been a year of thinking, a year of planning, and a year of action. A reflective year, a very busy year, and a very exciting year. Change is coming, and we can't wait to see how this next year pans out.

Thank you to all of you who continue to follow us, and support us.

04 July 2014

Studio Time: Nurture, Brand Development

Nurture are childcare, play and education specialists, who came to us last Autumn to set up their exciting company with a knock-out brand.

Nurture needed a brand that would be unique, friendly, approachable, warm and sensitive. They needed to get across their expert, dependable and supportive approach, while allowing their open, fun and exciting nature to shine through.

The design idea stemmed from their company mantra, 'nourishing and nurturing by stimulating curiosity and offering opportunities to explore, experiment, and understand', coupled with inspiration from shape-sorters, and how they look to do just this.

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