27 October 2014

Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten // In the Studio

Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten needed a brand that reflected their umbrella brand, Nurture, while being able to stand alone as a separate part of the business.

We created a memorable, playful suite of logos and a natural, earthy palette, to compliment and use with their umbrella palette of light bight shades. Being an outdoor kindergarten, the idea for the brand stemmed from the great outdoors and what you might find there. Marching ants and scattered leaves, are but a few of the charming illustrations that interact with and bring to life their special promotional mailer, which marked their forthcoming launch of the Kindergarten in January 2015.

To find out more about Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten or to enquire, pop on over to their website, www.nurturekindergarten.com.

We are currently working on their on-site signage, which we will have up on here very soon!

22 October 2014

A drink not to be sniffed at... // Creative Living

It's that time of year for colds and flu to creep in, and we have just the thing to soothe away those sniffles. Packed with essential anti-viral, immunity boosting ingredients, this is the perfect companion during those chilly, achy nights on the sofa. In fact, it is so comforting, that we have been known to enjoy it sniffles or no sniffles.

You will need...
A thumb of root ginger (washed and peeled)
1 small lemon (washed and halved)
1 tbsp runny honey
1 cinnamon stick
Hot water

Grate the root ginger finely into your favourite mug. Squeeze the lemon in and add the honey too. Pour boiling water over to fill the mug and add your cinnamon stick, which you can then use to stir it all up. Leave to infuse for 5 minutes, and voilĂ , it's ready to enjoy (just strain it if you'd rather not have the bits).

The glass mug used for this recipe held 200ml of water, and so remember to adjust the quantities according to your own mug's capacity.

15 October 2014

Halloween 2014 // Creative Living

As many of you already know, Autumn is our very favourite season; it's the colour, the crisp mornings, the low afternoon sun.

With Halloween just around the corner, we are beginning to think about how we can bring creative living into our home, to celebrate this enchanting occasion. This is just a small selection of the stylish ideas that we have gathered over on our Pinterest board, so do head on over for more inspiration.

Coconut covered apples Country Living, pretzel pumpkins About Food, pumpkins as vases (unknown source), copper striped pumpkins Homey Oh My!, bat table setting Colin Cowie, pumpkin cushion Take Flyte Farm.

06 October 2014

A New Leaff

Here we are at last! Welcome to our new Leaff.

Where we are now with the business looks very different to where we were 4 years ago, and we needed our new brand to reflect that. During our 4 years, we have grown massively in our skill set, knowledge of what we want and of where we want to be heading as well. Our new brand certainly reflects the decisions and direction that we have taken, as a natural development to our business, which we are so proud of.

In line with the rebrand, and having now found our feet with what we enjoy about our blog, we have restructured it to focus more specifically on a couple of key areas. There are now two defined topics 
that we will be covering on here, with weekly posting, which are In the Studio, and Creative Living.

In the Studio will cover new projects that we have been working on, bits of inspiration, any news that 
we have, and any know-how that we think would be good to share from in the studio. Creative Living will cover visual delights of inspiring interior design, exciting products and textiles, occasion-specific styling, and even special food & drink.

Lastly, we are now on Pinterest, so do pop over for a look. For those of you who don't already know, 
you can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedInTo receive quarterly updates straight into your inbox, do sign up for our new Newsletter, which you will see in the right hand column.

We hope that you are all as excited as we are about our new look, and our sharp vision for the future 
of Leaff.

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