22 August 2012

Leaff's Shop News

As you all know, we've been working hard on some new card designs for our shop over the past few months - and finally, they have been pressed and just released into our shop. So without further ado, may we introduce our two new additions...

Our two new and very proud additions - Sing From The Rooftops and There's No Place Like Home.

These two new additions complete our letterpressed Garden Bird range, which are each available as singles, in packs of 10, and now also in mixed packs of 10 too. Each card has been left blank inside,
and comes with a beautiful, natural envelope in harvest tones.

Our very popular Magic Little Christmas card sold out very quickly last year, and we are pleased to announce that we are ahead of schedule with the reprint. Our charming Christmas cards are therefore now stocked up and ready for orders - do bear in mind that they sell out fast!

Now in stock for the festive season - Magic Little Christmas.

In addition to our Garden Bird range now being fully available in our own shop, they are now also available for purchase from our lovely new stockists, in their beautiful and unique high street shops.

Find all of these cards and more at www.shop.leaffdesign.co.uk or visit our stockists...

Worcester Stockists

9a New Street

47b Upper Tything

Ledbury Stockists

Tinsmiths Alley
8A High Street

Hus & Hem
The Design Quarter
12 High Street

Bromyard Stockist

Dots Gallery
41 Broad Street

08 August 2012

Leaff - Roots & Shoots

Last week I released our latest news from Leaff HQ, but it wasn't all of our news. There has been one ginormous piece that we have been waiting to release for some time...

On June 1st we found out the most amazing news, that I am pregnant. We are absolutely over the moon - as you can imagine!

Now that we are passed 3 months, we have just released the news to family and friends, and subsequently our lovely loyal clients, to share with and reassure. Although I am positive that you will all be thrilled with the news too, I do want to address any potential concerns regarding Leaff, straight away.

I have been working pretty much as normal so far and I intend to continue to work until our little bundle arrives at the end of January, when I will take some maternity leave and then ease back in.

As you already now know, Jay will be starting at Leaff part time next week, which is not only wonderful because it has been a huge target for us for some time, but even more so precious now that Leaff could do with an extra pair of hands. So, as things get tougher, he will be here to cover the work load - the important thing is that even when I am at my roughest, Jay will be on hand so Leaff will not be suffering or grinding to a halt! That is important for all of you to know.

Lately I have been a little quiet on our social pages, and that has all just been down to my concentration on our projects. It is taking a lot more out of me to work as hard as I do, so it has become a bit more of
a challenge to fit everything that I did before into my schedule, while also looking after myself - obviously I would never let a project get affected, and so the social side has had to give a little.

So as time moves on now, I'm not naive enough to think that things will be able to stay as fast paced as they have been, but I am really hoping that you will stick with us. For clients, it will just mean being a bit more generous with deadlines, and working together while we settle into a new routine, and for our fans like most of you are, we really hope that you will remain loyal to us too.

It feels quite daunting to be moving into a stage where things are going to change so much for us - I
have put all of myself into Leaff the last 2 years, but I am so ready to begin our personal adventure of parenthood, which we have been dreaming about for so long. So how does it really work, being a parent and a business owner? I'm sure there are many of you who have been through this already, and your words of wisdom would be so much appreciated.

On that note, I fully intend to take you all along with us, through our journey from Leaff owners, to parents and Leaff owners - I'm hoping that this will provide invaluable knowledge and support to any of you who come to face a similar situation in the future. It seems a giant mountain to climb, to devote our attention to both the business and our new life, but we are more determined than ever to make it work. Leaff began not only on our passion to build a brilliant moral company, and to free us creatively, but also to get our personal lives in order for the future. We always wanted to work together, and both be around as much as possible to bring up our family together. This is just the beginning of that dream.
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