01 May 2013

New Creative Challenges

So it's been a while since I last found time to blog, but here I am, new iPad in hand, finally able to write from the confines of the sofa!

Being a new mum has certainly set me up with lots of new challenges - mainly the fact that I spend much of my days on the sofa feeding - a huge change from my otherwise crazy-busy days. There are some pretty obvious creative things that I have done over the last few months, like teaching Charlie how to play, smile, touch, settle - all completely magical and enormously rewarding - and some not so obviously creative, like learning how to grab a brew in-between feeds and getting rather good at using my left hand!

So as you can probably see, I am not yet at a point where I have been able to do any of those creative personal projects that I had lined up. So instead and for now, I have signed myself up for a charity event which involves a rather long walk of 10 miles. Usually this would be a piece of cake for me, as I'm fit and active generally, but having only recently fully recovered from my labour, I'd say I'm pretty out of shape by now.

Having experienced the many intense emotions that come with being a new mum - mainly how precious and fragile life suddenly feels - I really wanted to give something back. I feel overwhelmingly lucky to have such a healthy little baby, and I know that for a lot of parents this isn't always the case. The small number of charities that this walk is in aid of each provide help and support to families in this situation, with poorly babies and children. If you would like to support me in this walk, visit my Just Giving page here to find out more and sponsor me. The event is taking place on the 7th July 2013 and I will have this link up on our Facebook page shortly.

As for things at Leaff, despite the many balls that are currently being juggled, we are continuing to work hard on a number of projects, and things are developing well, if a bit more slowly than before. Our website for example, has had to take a bit of a back seat while we focus on these projects, but plans are still developing and we are as excited as ever about the future, and unveiling the many bits and pieces we have going on.
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