31 August 2013

For Joseph...

Some of you will remember our Facebook share of a fairly recent news story in the local area, about a day-old baby boy, who was abandoned on a door step in Worcester. It really struck a nerve with us, especially having recently had a baby boy ourselves, and we really wanted to do something for him.

We have been following the story avidly via Worcester News, and after finding out that the council had set up a bank account for him, we had the idea of donating some of our stock to raise money for him. With the great relationship that we have with Popi over at Mangojuice Gallery (our Worcester stockist), we were able to team up with her on this idea too, which was just fantastic.

So this week, we got to work and packaged up a number of our baby cards to sell as both single new baby cards, and packs of birth announcements, and took them down to Mangojuice to be set up. While we were there, we met up with photographer John, and senior reporter Ian, of Worcester News, to tell them all about it, so that they could help us to get the idea out into the community.

This morning, we collected our copy of Worcester News, and were bowled over by the fact that not only were we featured in what was practically a full page spread on page 3, but we were also pulled out as a lead story on the cover too! We really want to take this opportunity to say how incredibly grateful we are to Worcester News, for their tremendous help and generosity in covering our story so spectacularly - we said it to Ian a number of times, but we really wouldn't have been able to do this without the paper's involvement. Thank you so much!

Every single penny of the money raised from the purchase of these cards will go to Joseph, and we really hope that the local community will feel motivated to go into Mangojuice for their congratulatory / announcement cards. There definitely feels like there is a bit of a baby boom at the moment, so we are hoping that there will be plenty of people with a need for this kind of thing! So please, please make sure you take your money to Mangojuice, and make your money go further - not only will you be buying someone a really unique new baby card, or giving out some really special announcement cards for your own new arrival, but you will be safeguarding the future of an innocent little baby, who is certainly not as lucky as the baby you are celebrating.

We will of course keep you informed on how we get on with this - we plan to run this for 2 months, (until the end of October) or until stocks last. We just hope there is an impressive amount to tell you about at the end of it.
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