25 January 2016

Traditional Creations to Inspire Generations // Inspiring the Small

Creativity seems to run in both sides of our family. C's Grandad is a pretty skilled woodworker, and since C was born, he has been making traditional toys that both inspire him, and which are inspired by him and his love for...aviation, vehicles, ducks...!

Here, we share a handful of his beautiful, intricate work with you. The detail in them - the planning, the care, the skill, the passion and the love - are all evident. These aren't just toys for C - they are toys that will become heirlooms in our family, to pass down from generation to generation. They are traditional toys for future boys (and girls), created by the family, for the family, and I love that.

Do you have creations in your family that have been handed down as heirlooms? Although this idea of handing-down is traditional, being adopted long before now, it feels like something that has become lost over time. Gradually, it is being reborn, because good traditions can never get old.

18 January 2016

Fennie Designs Branding // In the Studio

Fennie Designs needed a brand that reflected the bold, confident and passionate nature of the company. We created a fun, memorable brand with a bright, creative palette, and surface patterns inspired by the cuttings of the papercut process, as well as the blade used to create the art.

Find this project and more in our portfolio, and find out more about Fennie Designs, here.

13 January 2016

Sweet '16 // In the Studio

To kick off the New Year, we created this short stop-motion animation to launch our Sweet '16 offer, of 16% off any projects booked between now and April 1st 2016.

Making the film was immense fun - a chance for us to dabble in an area of design that has inspired us and excited us for some time. I got to explore and get messy with water colours to produce the fun, creative imagery, and Jay got to animate it all. Together, we also created the soundtrack to the video - you may remember a share on Facebook a few weeks ago of Jay in the studio with his guitar.

We are creatives for creatives, and we hope that this inspires you to browse our website to see what we can do for you. We would love you to get in touch to discuss your project with us. Let's make this an irresistibly sweet '16!
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