31 January 2013

Studio Time: Jess Green, Brand Development

For what could possibly be my last post for a little while, I thought I would share a very recent project with you all. It was a bright, fun, and energetic brand development that we created for a new Social
Media & Digital Marketing Training company - Jess Green, Digital Diva.

Jess needed a brand that represented what her sociable new business was all about - friendly, innovative, expert, proactive, dynamic, fun, edgy, exciting and sexy - and that would appeal to her young, female audience of confident and passionate small business owners.

We had so much fun developing her vibrant, memorable brand, which is every bit as energetic as
Jess is herself....

This was a great project to work on, and a great opportunity for me to channel my abundance of creative energy, that seems to have increased throughout my pregnancy. It also inspired my current love of bright colour, and stimulated a deep sense of excitement about the vibrant season ahead.

18 January 2013

Baby Leaff - 'The Plan'

As requested by a few of our lovely fans: The most recent picture of bump, taken last month.

It is officially 2 weeks today until my due date, and I am feeling like it is the right time to release this post and outline 'The Plan' for what will happen at Leaff when the time comes. We have touched on 
this before in a previous post, but we really wanted to give full details so that everybody knows what 
is happening.

The Vital Moment

As most of you probably already know - either from previous posts or our Facebook and Twitter pages - I am still working like the clappers, and am not planning to stop until I actually go into labour. When this vital moment comes, Leaff will immediately shut, and will stay shut for the 2 weeks following. These 2 weeks will obviously be the beginning of my maternity leave and will complete Jay's paternity leave.

There After

Once the 2 weeks are up, Leaff will re-open, and Jay will be taking the reins. Having said this, Jay will only be in the studio for 1 day a week, which will be the time he will use for corresponding and working on projects, so our availability will be reduced quite significantly.

Business will be very much as usual however, where we will continue to take on projects, but just not quite as many. As long as deadlines can be flexible and we are realistic with the time we have to work 
on projects, then everything should run pretty smoothly.

As for me, I will have a set amount of 'work time' that I can use during my leave, but I will really be taking a back seat entirely until I find my feet at least. I will still be overseeing things, and working as a team with Jay, but this will be very much in the background.

The Future

I am entitled to up to approximately 39 weeks maternity leave, and whether I take all of that or not remains to be seen, but what I do know is that Leaff will continue to grow and flourish no matter what I decide and how long I take. We will endeavour to keep you all informed of developments and changes as and when they happen of course, and you will by no means be seeing the back of me, since I fully intend to use my time to blog as often as I can, and to keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter alongside Jay.

11 January 2013

Studio Update

With 3 weeks to go until our precious bundle arrives, it's all go in the studio on our open projects
- you'd think we would be slowing down, but it's really the opposite with all of this creative energy I have!

This week I've been hard at work on a vibrant new brand for Jess Green Digital Diva, and website design visuals for Cottontails Baby as part of their re-brand, to be launched next month. Aside from
this, we have a couple of wedding stationery projects that are still in full flow, and growing more beautiful by the minute. We have so much to share in the coming months!

To top this off, Jay is in full swing with the build of our new website, which we are planning to launch this month. We're so excited about this, as it has been brought right up to speed with where Leaff is now and really shows how far we have come. Watch this space!

02 January 2013

A New Year - Resolutions 2013

Well here we are - another New Year and so much ahead of us. Some people may be feeling the January blues beginning to bubble up inside of them, but we always find it such an energetic time of year, with so much positivity in the air.

Every New Year's Eve, we make a point of settling down to write our New Year's resolutions, and to reflect on our achievements over the past year. It is such a therapeutic thing to do, and as the clock strikes midnight at the birth of the New Year, it feels momentous as we toast to all that has been and
all that is to come.

This year is certainly going to be the biggest yet for us personally, as we are now less than 5 weeks away from welcoming our baby into the world and entering the very new world of parenthood. With this in mind, we have some really solid personal goals for this year, and we are in no doubt that these will have a massive impact on Leaff too.

Of course we feel a little anxious about how we will handle things with Leaff, and what this year will look like for the business that we have worked so hard to build over the last 2 years, but we also feel confident about where we are heading. We both thrive on challenge, and are instead feeling most excited and positive about what is to come. What could be more inspiring than watching your baby grow - what could be more of an adventure?! With all of this in mind, here are our 4 main business related goals for this year.

• To launch our new website this month.
• To succeed at keeping Leaff developing and moving forward throughout the year.
• To learn new skills that will nurture our creativity.
• To share our journey of becoming new parents while running a business.

I hope that you found a quiet moment to reflect on your achievements over the last year, and to set yourself up for the new one with a clear set of positive goals. Some may say that goal setting like this is a negative thing to do, since some may seem unachievable, but I would challenge that. In my mind the phrase 'If it is to be, it is up to me' sums it up perfectly - if you never try, you will never achieve anything, so think big! How dull life would be without a challenge.
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