06 February 2013

Time to get organised...

We have been using my last few weeks at Leaff before my maternity leave, to get organised and
tidy things up a bit, and this has involved making some important decisions...

Our Shop

You may or may not have noticed that yesterday, links to our online shop disappeared from our
website, Facebook page and here on our blog. This is because we made the decision to close the
shop - for the time being at least. But it was a happy decision!

Our online shop was a bit of a test at the time, when we first launched our stationery range - the idea being of course, for it to showcase our products and get them out there into the world. However, what
we didn't anticipate, was that we would end up doing so well with stockists, and having our products selling in so many beautiful boutiques and galleries around the country. After months of monitoring things, we found that in fact, our business with our stockists was actually doing better than our
online sales.

So with this in mind, along with the fact that the online shop was an overhead every month - as well
as the fact that we are turning things down a notch while I am on leave over the next 'x' amount of months - it seemed an obvious decision to make. We will instead be continuing to take trade orders
from our lovely existing stockists, as well as new ones, and to keep my creativity going while I am
on leave, I plan to be working on developing our stationery range - something we have been meaning
to turn our attention to for a while. There are a number of ideas that we have for a variety of new
products, so there really are exciting times ahead!

If you know of any shops that you think would be a good match for our cards - or if you are indeed
a shop yourself that would like to become a stockist - then we would really love to hear from you.
Get in touch here.

Our letterpressed 'Garden Bird' range.

Our Website

As well as the changes we have made with the shop, you may remember me mentioning that we have
been working on a complete overhaul of our website. This is a huge project for us, and while we had
been working hard to launch it by last month, we had an unexpected amount of projects in at the last minute which of course took priority. Alas, our deadline was missed.

We are still continuing to work on the new site, and things are going well, but we have decided to take
the pressure off ourselves a bit now, and just launch it when we can. As with anything, it is best to take the time to get it right, rather than rushing it, and since I will be on leave for a while, instead it might be lovely to have a big launch a bit closer to when I am perhaps looking to return to the studio.

I am very excited about the next year and what it will bring - I have big plans to make good use of my maternity leave, and turn my attention to tidying things up that we just haven't had time to look at for
a while. It will be good for my soul and brilliant for Leaff, so by the time I return things will certainly be bigger and better than ever!
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