30 April 2015

A Quick Update

We thought that it was high time that we gave you all an update on things, but I have been waiting for my most recent scan in order to do that.

On Monday this week, I got the results from my mid-way scan, and it came up PET negative - I am officially in remission! As you can imagine, this was a ginormous relief, especially because I had been staged at Stage 4 with suspected bone marrow involvement. I still have to undergo the next 3 months of chemo, but there is now light.

All being well, my last treatment should be at the end of July, and then I will need to build myself back up again, which will take a couple of months, but the end is definitely in sight.

We really wanted to share this positive news with you all, and thank you for your continued support and encouragement - we cannot wait to get back into Leaff!
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