12 January 2015

New Year Inspiration 2015 // Creative Living

January is a month that is overlooked - often thought of as a dull, dreary, depressing month, despite the sense of energy that we all seem to begin it with. Here, we are challenging that!

January is a joyful month - a time to appreciate the true depths of the winter season, to honour resolutions to look after ourselves, and to start the year as we mean to go on, doing more of the things we love.

You can find all of the above and more on our New Year Inspiration board over on Pinterest. So grab that brew, and get inspired.

On an entirely separate note, posts may be few and far between (maybe even non-existent) over the coming few weeks. We will update you on this more as soon as we can, but just so you know we haven't disappeared and we would really appreciate you just bearing with us - things will return to normal as soon as possible.

Winter door display (unknown source), winter arrangement Aesthetic Nest, calming sugar scrub Savy Naturalista, detox water Top Inspired, outdoor winter picnic (unknown source), memory jar (unknown source).
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