27 September 2016

Church branding first draft

We first shared the progress of the church project last month (catch up here) when we were delving into first ideas, having nailed down the mood board and colour psychology. Since then, we have pulled together the first draft of the branding, which we are excited to share with you here.

The logo needed to be a careful balance between old and new, and it needed to be as confident and future facing as the project itself. We didn't want to lose the heritage of the building, and the fact that it will always be a church, but the re-ordering is about making this more about community than religion. This is an ambitious project, with all eyes firmly on the future - both in the sense of the use of the building, but also in terms of who will be keeping it standing for years to come, which are primarily the young families within the village.

The both abstract and subtle hint of the heritage, with the clean modern font and optimistic use of colour make this a distinctive and confident first draft of the logo. From here, we are already having ideas about trying out texture and even pattern.

This ambitious and warm palette was lead by the Autumn character of this brand, and inspired by the colours of the church year. While the strong red evokes determination, passion and reassurance, the blue both soothes and calms, bringing a sense of reflection and communication. The green is all about the restorative, abundant and self-sufficient nature of the project, while the yellow instills optimism, confidence, and emotional strength, which is vital for a community space. The pop of gold - which would be used in the hot foiling process for printed material - brings that wise, compassionate and giving vibe, which is in beautiful contrast to the rich purple, and it's visionary, truthful and spiritual traits. This strong palette is balanced by the neutrals of the browns, and their stable, reliable, honest attributes. The fonts are a mix of modern serifs, which give that traditional feel, and a contrasting hand written accent, which is approachable and warm.

Inspired by the existing architecture of the church building, and influenced by the Autumn personality, the surface patterns and brand elements are a mix of intricate pattern, slightly wobbly illustration, interesting image treatment and natural texture. We are excited to see how these surface patterns might engage more with the brand elements.

Rolled out over potential printed material, we can see how the whole brand works together. It will be great to see how the branding develops from here, and how it will work with any material that is decided upon. We will continue to share these developments with you as we go along.

Note: The images used in the printed material are placeholders, and not our own images. Sources unknown.

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