10 October 2016


When we sit down to a briefing, it's always so fruitful to do a walk-through of the client / business journey of interaction.

We have clients who come to us with a list of the materials that they think they need, and a tonne of budget worries concerning the cost of their production. We also have clients who come to us utterly exhausted from juggling their work load and their process - time to dedicate to consultations / packaging products etc on top of their projects is hard to find. This is where the journey mapping really helps, because we can identify not only what materials would work most efficiently for both their brand and their budget, but also what materials would save them time. It really helps to clear the client's head on where their money should be focused, where their time can be saved, and provides a clear direction for the project outcomes.

To create a 'walk through' of your own, all you need is a big piece of paper, a pen, and the following guide (download here).

At the end of this journey, you should clearly see where your branding is coming into contact with your clients, and how you can improve it to give a stronger, more consistent brand experience. This will simultaneously work harder for your business, and save you time and money.


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